"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Countdown to the R.D.S; New Work.

"Epona and the Dray"
 Oil and Egg Tempera
 113x65 cm
            Only ONE month to go until I present my most recent work at my stand at the R.D.S Art Fair 2011, Dublin and it most certainly is "all systems go"!
            This past summer, I have been blessed with new studio space, not a boast. It has taken almost three years painting in my kitchen and a lot of work to find this space and for me, it could not of came at a better time.
       For now, my "Tattooed Project" is on hold, although not completely as I am introducing my show for next year with two paintings that will give a slight indication of what is to come, as part of my R.D.S stand.
      This is my third year and , as before, I have opted for a four square metre stand with one part extra, facing the corridor, so I have a bit more space. The show is almost entirely figurative with 10 - 12 pieces on show. Not a large amount but they are large pieces.
        I will be posting the most recent here on this blog over the next month so I do hope you will enjoy the new work.
       I feel now, more than ever before, a complete flow, continuation, and quite a strong representation of my work with the introduction of a series called "Nudes in White and Gold", a continuation from my painting "The Burnt out Basement", (which I have shown here on a past post), and my introduction to the tattooed paintings.
             Above is "Epona and the Dray", the first in my "Nudes in White and Gold" series and an example of
my oil and egg tempera painting.
           The whole works in progess of this piece are presented in earlier posts here on this blog, the posts are as follows in Feb 2011;
"Paintings in Progress"
"The Final Coat of Tempera"
"The Blue Glaze"
The Blue Glaze, Detail"
Three Primary Colours"
                                             I hope you like the new work, all feedback welcome!