"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
For inquries; www.jackieedwardsart.com

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Selection at the Doorway.

                                                            'Sunday Best, Red Horizon'
                                                                     Oil on Linen
                                                                       70x59 cm

If you are in DUBLIN, why not drop by to visit the Doorway Gallery, where I have some new
work on show.
I am delighted that my new piece 'Sunday Best, Red Horizon' is proud of place in the window!
This piece tells a story of a time in my own life that was so raw and unforgiving that it ultimately
drew me to paint this. It is the only painting of self that I have, so far, created.

If you are elsewhere in the world and would like a better look at this piece, then please visit my
Facebook page, where it has had some pretty amazing comments, for which I am so grateful.

I hope you like it!