"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
For inquries; www.jackieedwardsart.com

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year for 2012

                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
And thanks for following my blog here.
As you see from my first intro, I really started it to record a project of mine which is on-going and I am pleased, no, thrilled to say that I am heading for a studio/ Gallery
residence in Europe for three weeks at the end of  2012 and this is where I hope to bring this show.

I am looking forward to moving in to the New Year with a new body of work for a great gallery overseas and a soon as they have the new work I will be shouting from the rooftops. I can say that this is a country that I have always wanted to visit and for me my artistic dreams have are becomming a reality.

I hope all your wishes for the New Year come true.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Fairs- Are They Worth It?

                  This years Art Fair RDS 2011 was, I'm happy to say, successful for me and I am now so pleased to tell you that as a result, I am now represented by a top Gallery, name of which will be announced soon.
                  So this is terrific, I am creating a body of work on the lines of "Bookface" and "The Guinness Smile", for the Gallery and this is the line of work I will be following for the near future, along with the continuation of my series "Nudes in White and Gold" and my line of charcoal work, which, I hope, will be shown in Dublin.
                                                                "All That Remains"
                                                                 Charcoal/ Pastel
                                                                  70 x 56 cm

           This, being my third year exhibiting at the RDS Art Fair, did raise the question-is all this worth it?!
After three years one would have to either start making a profit , at least 'break even, or gain some kind of recognition, have offers, and a good 'follow up' after the show.
          How is it for an artist, financially and, I have to say mentally, as it can be really stress full, and expensive to exhibit at any Art Fair. I should imagine that Ireland's premier art fair is not as expensive as one in Europe might be. I was approached by Art Monaco early this year, which is a prestigious invitation which I was thrilled to receive- until I saw how much it will cost to exhibit-about €4,000 for a four metre stand, which is at least the amount of space I would need to exhibit my work.
      Then, of course, you have your travel, accommodation and shipping expenses on top of that so you really, to take part, would have to be quite well off or are able to command a considerably high price for your art!
       Standing in front of your work in front of a sea of people takes guts and complete confidence.Be prepared for the good AND the bad and, sometimes, 'cutting' comments that some people can make as they pass you by. You must be able, mentally to take any bad comment as a learning post, thankfully, I myself, did not have to listen to negative comments this year, they were thankfully positive, but in the past there has been the odd 'quip'!
       As i say, try and look at it as a learning post, taking in everything, including negative comments, that perhaps lead you to look at your work and learn by what people are saying to you and improve on for the next year.
        So, for me, I find my time so far at the RDS Art Fair an invaluable experience and I would whole heatedly recommend it to fellow artists.
        Sales are great to get, and what a boost when your first piece sells. Indeed, what an honor, for someone to pick your piece out of hundreds on show at the fair!
       Then, of course, is the meeting with other artists , learning from each other- again, well worth taking part for this enjoyable experience. Much discussion for me this year was, to print, or not to print your original artworks! I had this conversation with collectors, as well as other artists.
       The opinion was mixed. Some people said they would not like to see their original piece copied or displayed everywhere, adding that it actually 'cheapened' it, which has lead me to question whether I will put my original artwork to print in the future.
      The debate goes on for me on that subject, and for now I am happily in the arms of the new gallery, who represent my work and it is entirely up to them whether, or not, they decide to put to print any of the new body of work that I present to them.
     So I cherish art fair conversations, invaluable, informative.
So are art fairs worth it?
From this happy artist- yes- if you don't have instant success, learn from it and work at it,

                         A view of my stand. K1, with an on-looker at the Art Fair RDS, Dublin.      



Saturday, November 5, 2011


                                                          Oil/ Egg Tempera on linen
                                                                     40 x 40 cm

Here is my painting 'Bookface'. This man certainly looks as though his head is in a book all the time!
So therefore, I portrayed him in a small tribute to Irish literature, with many exerts from famous book by Irish writers.
In all, there are eleven Authors and eight books included in this piece, a very enjoyable piece to compose and paint.
I am proud to share it with you and it is currently on show at ;
The RDS Art Fair 2011,
Dublin 4
Opening times; Sat, Nov 5th- 11.00 am to 7.00 pm
                           Sun, Nov 6th-11.00 am to 6.00 pm

For the event, I have a Gallery of the work on display on a Facebook page, please visit and I maybe even' like' it!
The link is as follows; 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Countdown to the R.D.S; New Work.

"Epona and the Dray"
 Oil and Egg Tempera
 113x65 cm
            Only ONE month to go until I present my most recent work at my stand at the R.D.S Art Fair 2011, Dublin and it most certainly is "all systems go"!
            This past summer, I have been blessed with new studio space, not a boast. It has taken almost three years painting in my kitchen and a lot of work to find this space and for me, it could not of came at a better time.
       For now, my "Tattooed Project" is on hold, although not completely as I am introducing my show for next year with two paintings that will give a slight indication of what is to come, as part of my R.D.S stand.
      This is my third year and , as before, I have opted for a four square metre stand with one part extra, facing the corridor, so I have a bit more space. The show is almost entirely figurative with 10 - 12 pieces on show. Not a large amount but they are large pieces.
        I will be posting the most recent here on this blog over the next month so I do hope you will enjoy the new work.
       I feel now, more than ever before, a complete flow, continuation, and quite a strong representation of my work with the introduction of a series called "Nudes in White and Gold", a continuation from my painting "The Burnt out Basement", (which I have shown here on a past post), and my introduction to the tattooed paintings.
             Above is "Epona and the Dray", the first in my "Nudes in White and Gold" series and an example of
my oil and egg tempera painting.
           The whole works in progess of this piece are presented in earlier posts here on this blog, the posts are as follows in Feb 2011;
"Paintings in Progress"
"The Final Coat of Tempera"
"The Blue Glaze"
The Blue Glaze, Detail"
Three Primary Colours"
                                             I hope you like the new work, all feedback welcome!

Friday, July 15, 2011

"Ta Siad ag Teacht" (They"re Arriving)

Ever meet someone that you just HAD to paint straight away?
That's what happened when I met this man from Limerick, who oozed character and charisma!
I knew exactly how I wanted to portray him and what setting I wished him to be a part of, so he posed
for me looking out to sea, as if waiting, for something, or someone.
The painting has a distinct Irish "emigrant" feel to it, waiting for the ship to take him to a new beginning,or
as many have said to me,
waiting for the barrells of Guinness to arrive!
Hence the title;

                                                    "Ta Siad ag Teacht"(They"re Arriving)
                                                                      Oil on Panel
                                                                       51x550 cm

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Readers, River, Dreaming"

                                                          "Readers, River, Dreaming" 
                                                     Oil/ Egg Tempera on Canvas 
                                                                     90 x60 cm

Inspired by light, woods, dreams, childhood days in the summer and set in the idylic surrounds of the Killarney lakes, this painting is now available at;

                                                       The Lyndsay Gallery,
                                                       7a Monkstown Crescent,
                                                       Co Dublin.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Artists Interview with iArt

Twitter is a great way to promote your work and last week I had the honor of being asked to do an interview!
It reveals just a little bit more about me and my work. So please drop in and take a look;

Many thanks to Melanie Phillips for giving me this opportunity to gain more online exposure,
its a great site with some amazing artists so I am very proud to be amongst them.

Melanie can also be found on Twitter @iArt-info
Good on you Melanie!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Present and Future.

It is six months into the year and its all systems go.
My mind is an abundance of paintings! I am painting really for two shows.
I have nearly all the research,  references, sketches, planning and most of all people who have modelled, all wrapped up for my Tattooed Project. So now I am, and have been working on the paintings.
I admit I was worried as I  found that there is a fine line in how NOT to portray tattooed people and how I want the paintings to look!
These paintings are not "pop art" or "goth" or any of those tags just because they include people with tattoos,, but my own self and work is starting to shine through already, and of course, the sitters speak for themselves.
I want "dynamic" but also I have figures in beautiful settings and some to look like old masters, but with a modern twist.
I think its working as my paintings are unfolding and the idea"s I have are completely my own.

The R.D.S  is calling, and this year my stand will be number K1. Right at the front which I am grateful for.
This will be my third year showcasing my work at this prestigious event and the run-up is always exiting!
With paintings and some work in charcoal already well underway.
The Art fair to me is a must - I get a break- and talk to lots of people about my work and hopefully stand proud in front of it.
 The  R.D.S , Dublin will be held this November and I will be showcasing all the paintings on line during the show with details nearer the event.

In the MEANTIME, I am involved with "The Blueprint Presents" a must for this years
Eigse 2011 Carlow Arts Festival. Now in its forth year and 18 artists exhibiting.
So please drop in to view the fabulous paintings and sculpture on show.
I would love to meet you and I will be there this Sunday 19th of June- the last day!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Northern Ireland Tattoo Convention.

         Yet another Irish bank holiday has passed! Saturday was a beautiful sunny day-at last.
 What did I do?
Well, I had had a great and very interesting trip to Belfast where the Northern Ireland
Tattoo Convention was being held in the Ulster Hall.
A must for my tattooed project, which is now into its sixth month. A last search for my smaller, "heads" series of paintings that will be in my show. Real characters, older people who have a life time of carrying their art on their skin.
The idea was to go along, with a photographer and set up in a corner somewhere and see what happens and who turns up that might be interested in allowing me to paint them.
        Things, however never always go to plan and my" photo guy" couldn't make the trip!
I tried every thing I could to get some one else, but this was on the Thursday before the June bank holiday weekend and no one was to be found. O.k, I thought, its either not go, which would be pretty upsetting as I just could not miss this opportunity,
or, do it myself!
         So then I had the idea to hire a good camera and tripod to set up- no joy.
So, very nervous about going alone with just my small digital camera, I  set off from Wexford at five a.m Saturday morning.
Robert, one of the organizers of the Convention was very kind in allowing me to set myself up for my projects sake and said be there early!

        I have to say, even, when I was past Dublin, and well on track to Belfast, I had questioned myself as to WHAT WAS I DOING?
     Going in, on my own, with no photographer and stand there, asking people would they pose for me and my small digital!
     Several times, I nearly turned back, but as I neared, there WAS no turning back. Its a straight road to Belfast.

       When I arrived, the organizers couldn't of been more helpful. Even the security men came outside and drove in front of me to the car parked to help me park, great.
And what a day I had. O.k, no set up that looked professional- just me and the camera, explaining to people I met that looked good, about my project. Would they allow me to paint them?
         My first "victim" was Derek. Derek attracted me immediately! Exactly what I was/am looking for. An older gent with his head and face covered in tattoos. So nice and very obliging, the light in the morning was also good in there, shinning down from the huge windows in the Ulster hall and catching his face from one side, which is the lighting I prefer, rather than a light that casts no shadows. As derek had a tee-shirt that covered him right up to his neck, he very kindly took off his shirt outside so I could take shots of him posing, to show his other body tattoos, beside a chopper motorbike- brilliant-and plenty others were out there to take shots of him as well!
       So, derek was the first of many similar and I cant tell you how happy I am now. I have given my card and details to everybody I would like to be included in my show, taken photographs and notes and away I went. I got every thing I"d hoped for and more.
What a day.

Sometimes the scariest looking people turn out to be the nicest.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Mise Eire" and The Legend of The Petticoat Loose.

                                                                  "Mise Eire"
                                                      Oil/ Egg Tempera on Canvas.
                                                                   80x60 cm
                               Available at The Lyndsay Gallery, Monkstown,Co Dublin.
                                                       Can be shipped worldwide.

                                I"d like to share with you my painting "Mise Eire".
The setting for this lady in white is the beautiful  "Petticoat Loose" lake, in the Knockmealdown Mountains in Tipperary.
For me I had to call it by its present title, but it could well of been titled something else as it reminded some of a local legend of the lake up in the mountains that I later became familiar with-
The White Lady of the Lake!
So I thought I"d add this story for you, I do hope it isn't too long but the whole point of it is at the end.
Here goes.

The Legend of Petticoat Loose
Petticoat's real name was Mary Hannigan. Born during the time of the hedge-schoolmasters in the early part of the nineteenth century. She was the only child of a well to do farming family. They lived in the townland of Colligan, which is not far from Clogheen. Now Mary was not the type of woman you could call feminine; she was as tough as nails, near six foot tall and built in proportion. She did the work of a man on her father’s farm without thinking twice about it. If there was one thing that Mary Hannigan was known far and wide for it was her dancing. Spinning and whirling around the dance floor, no man could match her. That is except for one hefty lad, and his prowess led him into a marriage with Mary. A marriage closely followed by his early death.
Now how Mary came to be called Petticoat Lucy came about like this. There was a wedding in the neighbourhood with drinking and dancing well into the night and through to the early hours of the morning. Now Mary was able to drink as well as she could dance, and as she spun around in a drunken dance the buttons of her skirt caught onto a nail. The buttons burst open and her skirt fell to the ground, to the great delight of the others in the room who laughed and jeered her. This is the incident that earned her the name of Petticoat Loose which became Petticoat Lucy over time. Not being one to take foul comments lightly there was soon fists flying in all directions as Mary landed many a clout on her mockers.
It is said also that Mary and her husband had difficulties with their herd of cattle and often added water to the milk to make it go further. There were rumours by some that when Mary's milk was added to tea it turned blue and some older locals whispered that she might be a witch. Now Mary had been married a year when, one night as she and her servants were milking the cattle there came a cry of agony from a nearby field. A servant girl began to run towards the field to help however she was soon stopped by a milking stool which hit her square on the back of the head knocking the poor girl out. When she came to Mary told her it was she who had thrown the stool and that it served her right and that in future she should learn to mind her own business. Mary’s husband was never seen again after that night. The locals in Colligan concluded among themselves that Mary’s lover, a local hedge-schoolmaster, had committed the murder. When asked of her husband’s whereabouts Mary would simply answer that he had gone away and that he would return someday. Nobody dare question her further for fear of her violent temper.
One night about one year later Mary went on a drinking bout in a local public house accompanied by some of the neighbouring workmen. After several pints she was challenged by one of the workmen to prove her drinking skills. After gladly accepting the offer half a gallon of beer was placed before her. She drank it down with ease and she was in the middle of gloating to the other workmen when suddenly she slumped forward onto the table, dead. She died without a priest, which was an awful thing to happen back then. There was a big wake for Mary and the whole village turned up to pay their last respects but no priest was called, even for the burial.
Seven years passed and Petticoat Lucy was near forgotten. Then one night there was a dance in Colligan. Half way through the night, near midnight a man went out to catch a breath of fresh air. When he went back into the dance hall he was as white as a sheet. With a shaking voice he told the others in the hall that he had seen Mary sitting on a pier in the yard. All were afraid to leave the dance hall until morning. After that night Mary was seen in many places around the area and most now believed that that she had become a witch.. One night a man with his horse and cart was travelling down a dark country lane when he came upon Mary standing at the side of the road. The driver didn't want to stop for her, but she jumped aboard the cart anyway. Once on the cart, she decided to punish the driver for his reluctance to stop for her, and she raised her left hand and declared, "I have one ton in this hand!" The horse slowed down a bit then, as though the cart was heavier, but he kept walking. Then the witch raised her other hand and announced, "I've got one ton in this hand!" The horse slowed a little more but continued his progression; and the witch smiled and announced, "I've got one ton in this leg!" at which the horse began to strain very hard to pull the cart. "I've got one ton in the other leg!" Then, "I've got one ton in my belly!"
With the effort of trying to pull the enormous load, the horse fell down dead - and Petticoat Lucy ran away laughing. Soon it became common practice for people travelling at night to bring a safe guard with them mainly religious relics and hazel sticks.
Finally the people grew tired of living in fear of Petticoat Lucy and they called upon the parish priest to rid the county of Mary and her nightly visitations.
The priest set out that very night on a pony and trap accompanied by two men. After sometime they spotted her coming across a field, the priest asked her name and she replied "I’m Petticoat Loose". The priest then got off of the trap took out a bottle of Holy water and said "I am going to banish you from this place forever! All the devils in hell can’t help you now! For all the cruel things you did during your life, especially getting a man to kill your husband. I shall send you to the far banks of the deepest lake in the Knockmealdown Mountains and you shall be condemned to empty it with a thimble!" With those words and a splash of the holy water Mary vanished in a flash and she was never seen again. Many believe that she is still up there sitting on the far bank of Bay Lough with her thimble, vainly trying to empty the lake.
It is also said that St Patrick is claimed to have drowned the last snake in Ireland in the very same lake but few ever now swim in that lake because of the fear that the spirit of the old witch would grab your legs, pull you under and keep you there forever.

Copyright © De La Salle Scout Group 2002-2008. All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Return to Blog!

At last I"m back!
Got more than a fright when I have been unable to access my blog for some reason, not due to forgetting my password so I had to change it twice AND go through a google form to gain access so you can imagine how happy I am to be back.
Have any of my followers lost a blog?
It must be crushing, all the work.

So what have I been up to lately?
On the easil a new painting for my tattooed project. I"m very exited about this one from the very early stages of composition.
I am sure that most artists agree that if the composition works from the start, the painting is successful.
Hope I dont eat my words on this but it is looking good. Oil on a 105x80 cm panel.
Light and shade roughly formed and a female figure in a very beautiful setting.
Life is good!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Limited Edition Fine Art Gliclee Prints

These two Limited Edition Prints are offered at a reduced rate for a short time only on this blog, so, if you like them, nows the time!
Many thanks.

Please see the Paypal easy option to the side of this blog and click either,
Option 1. "Ta Siad ag Teacht"
Option 2, "The Guinnes Smile"
Many Thanks.
                                                      "Ta Siad ag Teacht" (They"re Arriving)
                                               Fine Art Limited Edition Gliclee Print on Canvas
                                                Offered at half price at 125 euro
                                                              "The Guinness Smile"
                                                 Fine Art Limited Edition Print on Canvas
                                                                    41x40 cm
                                                    Offered for half price at 100euro

                                         Prints are limited to 100 and signed by the artist.
                                         Presented with a 2" wide white boarder.
                                         Delivery worldwide within three working days.
                                         Delivered in a secure cardboard tube.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Early Morning in Ballyporreen.

                                                         "Buttercups, Early Morning"
                                                                        60x45 cm
                                                                      Oil on Panel

One summer, not so long ago, I was staying with a friend in a farmhouse in Ballyporreen,
Co Tipperary.
It was situated at the foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains and there was this amazing field, full of buttercups, at the back of the house.
I have never seen anything like it.
The weather was beautiful, sunshine every day.
In the mornings, I would stroll down the garden, climb over the wooden gate, and relish in the beauty of it all.
I just had to paint that scene. Take it all in, and try and capture it.
The light, just at the back of the trees, shining through, and hitting the old ruined, out house
and lighting up the buttercups was a sight to behold.
I will never forget that feeling of pure bliss.
Every morning, I went down with my paints and panel, and sat in the field. For days on end until I got the colours and feeling I was trying to portray. So lucky with the weather, especially for Ireland.
The painting was then finished in the studio.
A scene I"ll never forget and is dear to my heart.

I sincerely hope you like it too.
Many thanks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boldbrush Painting Competition

I have made an entry to the online "Boldbrush Painting Competitition" for April, yesterday,
30th April.
This is unusual for me and I do hope you can show me some support by "liking" it for Facebook.
It gives it a bit of exposure.
As I say, unusual for me but I think from now on, I will enter more competitions.
I"ll enjoy this one,
Hope you do too!
Here"s the link  http://faso.com/boldbrush/painting/19630
Many thanks.

This painting is also available to purchase, and can be shipped worldwide.
For inquiries please contact Barry at the Lyndsay Gallery   http://www.thelyndsaygallery.com/

The Planning of an Exhibition

The planning and painting for my exhibition is well underway.
I like to get a general idea of the paintings as a whole, in the exhibition space.
I have given this a lot of thought.
My idea is to have a series of small paintings, only up to about 40x40 cm.
I like this size for these portraits or just heads of extremely interesting people I"ve
met for this project.
That's just the small part!
Plannings underway for at least three huge paintings which are the ones to create 
an impact on the viewer.
One of these is a "take" on a famous old master, I might go as far as up to around 
214 for this on the larger side.
The rest are also quite large.
The question is, what surfaces should I use?
The very large will have to be canvas or linen, simply because I just cant afford to 
Frame them!
Deciding what surface to use is extremely important to me. I love to work on panel
with oil and it is proving to be quite fitting for the images of tattooed people that I am working on as the paint glides onto the surface with ease.
To me a panel is the most appropriate surface for my studies in oil and egg tempera.
However, it can be used to great effect on canvas too.
As the oil and egg tempera technique is so lengthy, I have chosen not to use it for the whole exhibition. Also, it does not suit every piece.
Oil on panel, canvas and linen are my chosen medium for the whole show.
I make the canvas stretchers myself, and the painting I am beginning on measures 105x79 cm.
More on this later, I"ll keep you posted!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Eaking Gallery.

                                                                 "My Love has Gone"
                                                                 By Jackie Edwards
Oil/ Egg Tempera on Canvas
80x60 cm

Now showing at;
The Eaking Gallery,
237 Lisburn Road,

Paintings to a New Gallery.

Belfast could not of been more welcoming and was"nt a place I wanted to leave in a hurry!
I really would like to of stayed a while but it was a short visit.
I am delighted the The Eaking Gallery, Lisburn Road Belfast are now showing some of my recent paintings.
The gallery owner, Mr Brian Eaking and his wife Mary really  know how to look after thier artists!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Work To BELFAST.

                Tomorrow morning I take the long road to Belfast city, paintings in tow!
Never have I been there before so I"m really looking forward to the trip. Over thirty years in Ireland and I"ve never been there- shameful!
               I so wish I could stay for a couple of days- maybe next time.
This week brought new hope, with great feedback of my work from a London gallery and I have been asked to present a series of prints in limited edition, so I expect I will work extremely hard to produce these, as well as focus on my "Tattooed Project"  AND my other paintings!
              My first "tattooed" portrait is complete and professionally photographed and I will show it on this blog very soon, as well as other recent pieces.
            Its all go for artists!
I"ll be back, with news of BELFAST.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Portrait with Passion

                I don't think I"ve ever painted a portrait with such passion! But not a passion of the heart, but more of a "hurt" or curiosity or annoyance from a recent interaction with the model.
           Its all coming out as I paint this portrait. The models own self absorbency, dare I say greed-NO-more ego!
          Give me ATTITUDE with my Tattooed Project not EGO!
The green background and icy, almost blood red stare of the subject is really speaking volumes to me.
          This portrait is full of raw emotion, THAT'S the passion!
The very first of my paintings for my Tattooed Project and I sure am getting what I hoped for. Not only do we see the art carried on skin, but also the ESSENCE of the subject-
                 What Lies Beneath! Always a great title(of a film) and so apt for this piece.
Is this all too daring of me to speak of?
Especially at such a young stage in my project.
Am I taking a risk by writing this post?
I hope not.
When an artist paints with feeling-that's all I"m talking about. An artist must express themselves and my expression is certainly projected in this piece!
It will all sort itself out. This painting will be completed this week and I"d love to show you but I cant just yet-
 So therefore, I"ll SHOUT ABOUT IT!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Guinness Smile"

                                                           "The Guiness Smile"
                                                                    40x40 cm
                                                         Fine Art Gliclee Print
                                       For details please visit http://www.jackieedwardsart.com/
                                                Happy St.Patricks Day everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

" The Burnt out Basement"

"The Burnt out Basement"
Oil/ Egg Tempera
122x97 cm

This  painting was inspired by
"After the Goldrush"
By Neil Young.

Hope you like it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The First" Tattooed." Poses

               A special thanks to all involved with the very successful photoshoot in Kilkenny last week.
I had simple sketches on my ideas and was very clear on what I wanted. A young man is very striking, so much so that I will paint a portrait of him alone just head and shoulders. I am still waiting for the images of him in the planned samurai poses!
                Along with him was Suki, and they both posed for some awesome shots, many were their own ideas but the one with them as a couple that I had sketched,  is the pose I will now use to progress into this project. Its a beautiful pose and I am set to begin this week.
               Why use photo"s? Well, all the ideas for certain models are put into place by either drawings or discussion with them. 
              I am using "ordinary people, who have not time to pose live for hours or days at a time. With a professional photographer, all the ideas are put into place, the lighting is perfect and everybody"s happy!
I hope to show the first stages of these paintings very soon. In the meantime I am still working on my "Epona" piece.         

A Surprise Invitation!

This morning I was delighted to receive an invitation to participate in the prestigious "ArtMonaco" art Show!
ArtMonaco is the only contemporary art show of the Cote d"Azur held at the Grimaldi Forum, the most prestigious convention centre.
Galleries and artists are invited exclusively so I am extremely honored by this wonderful opportunity to showcase my work in Europe.
Sadly, it is too short notice for this year but roll on 2012 as I"ll be there!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Wexford to Kilkenny

Todays the day! Off to Kilkenny where my project really takes off with a COOL looking model posing samori! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Primary Colours.

The layers of three primary colours have now been applied, separated by the layers of white egg tempera.
All possible colour combinations now shimmer though the tempera to the surface suggesting the colours to be used in the final stage of the piece, I love this bit!

The Blue Glaze-Detail.

The Blue Glaze

                                           The blue glaze is carefully applied by hand.

The final coat of Tempera.

The second and final coat of tempera is applied to the yellow glaze. It is not a full veiw of the piece. Please forgive the poor quality of the photo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Frank Zappa with Fish"

                                                                 "Frank Zappa with Fish"     
                                                                     Oil/ Egg Tempera
                                                                          51x40 cm
                                     This is a very recent example of my oil and egg tempera work.
                                      It took two months to paint!

Paintings in Progress

           All the planning for my Tattooed project is ready, drawings, ideas from me and the models and we are just waiting to see what day, or it looks like evening will suit all of us.
          SO in the meantime i"m working hard on other work that will be for sale and hopefully submit to galleries.
         I strive to improve on my oil and egg tempera technique.I am so far self taught but will hopefully travel to Austria later this year to study for a three week painting seminar, but thats another story!
        The painting i am working on has yet to be titled. After the recently painted "Lady of Mahon Falls", i have decided to paint a series of nudes(as well as the tattooed project). 
        I have had a model pose in a stream with a long white cloth draped upon her, half wet.
To this i have, am in the process of adding a huge dray horse just behind her. I want it to look golden and light and am thinking of the horse goddess, "Epona"
       It is on a 113x 64 cm panel which has had a gesso ground applied and then a layer of deep red oil paint.
        The drawing was already prepared and then transferred to tracing paper. This was taped upon the painted panel with carbon paper sandwiched in between. Carefully drawing over the tracing paper,the whole  image is transferred to panel.
       Then i take perminate black ink and paint carefully over the carbon and then removing the carbon. The result is a thin lined drawing and is now ready for the tempera.
       Tempera is the medium of the old masters and is mixed with egg and pigments which i will explain later. At present i am using it in a tube! Handy! The tempera is applied with a very small brush in a cross hatching technique, this took days as its quite a large panel. The tempera is left to dry.
     The next stage was to apply a thin glaze of cadmium yellow (medium) oil paint mixed with (i use) a medium called "Liquin".
    When this is dry i apply the next and final stage of tempera,  which i am almost finished , until the blue glaze will be applied.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Lady of Mahon Falls"
Oil on Canvas
By Jackie Edwards
Now Showing at
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to my Blog.

                  This is my 1st post.I"d like to tell you about a project of mine that is getting underway!
It came to mind that i wanted to paint some figurative pieces that were dynamic and had some impact, i want originality and what can be a better subject (to me) than tattooed people!
              So i first started by placing an add on the Midleton Tattoo convention page on  Facebook . It read something like;
                                     WANTED TATTOOED PEOPLE 
Artist looking for; 
Beautifull bods,Bald heads and Scarey heads!
To paint for an exhibition.
Would you like to be immortatized on canvas?
Please contact me.

             I received a great response and now have at least forteen tattooed people to model for my project. The approach to the paintings i"m taking is to draw my intended images, a very rough idea of poses and what i"m looking for and then have a professional photoshoot, and go from there.
            I have been so lucky so far with some amazing looking people to model.The first shoot will take place next week in kilkenny, with a very unique looking male who oozes character, cant wait AND he has a female to model along on some poses.
            All my drawings are prepared and the models and photographer have some great idea"s of their own.
            I still cant beleive it EVERYONE has voluteered so it really has a good start.
My plan? Hopefully a very large exhibition somewhere with around twenty paintings.What better than people who carry their art on their skin? a painting in a painting!
       I"m not just looking to portray beautiful young things but REAL people, old and young, people with something to say through their body art.
All in all i think its a unique project and, i hope, entirely my own!