"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Wexford to Kilkenny

Todays the day! Off to Kilkenny where my project really takes off with a COOL looking model posing samori! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Primary Colours.

The layers of three primary colours have now been applied, separated by the layers of white egg tempera.
All possible colour combinations now shimmer though the tempera to the surface suggesting the colours to be used in the final stage of the piece, I love this bit!

The Blue Glaze-Detail.

The Blue Glaze

                                           The blue glaze is carefully applied by hand.

The final coat of Tempera.

The second and final coat of tempera is applied to the yellow glaze. It is not a full veiw of the piece. Please forgive the poor quality of the photo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Frank Zappa with Fish"

                                                                 "Frank Zappa with Fish"     
                                                                     Oil/ Egg Tempera
                                                                          51x40 cm
                                     This is a very recent example of my oil and egg tempera work.
                                      It took two months to paint!

Paintings in Progress

           All the planning for my Tattooed project is ready, drawings, ideas from me and the models and we are just waiting to see what day, or it looks like evening will suit all of us.
          SO in the meantime i"m working hard on other work that will be for sale and hopefully submit to galleries.
         I strive to improve on my oil and egg tempera technique.I am so far self taught but will hopefully travel to Austria later this year to study for a three week painting seminar, but thats another story!
        The painting i am working on has yet to be titled. After the recently painted "Lady of Mahon Falls", i have decided to paint a series of nudes(as well as the tattooed project). 
        I have had a model pose in a stream with a long white cloth draped upon her, half wet.
To this i have, am in the process of adding a huge dray horse just behind her. I want it to look golden and light and am thinking of the horse goddess, "Epona"
       It is on a 113x 64 cm panel which has had a gesso ground applied and then a layer of deep red oil paint.
        The drawing was already prepared and then transferred to tracing paper. This was taped upon the painted panel with carbon paper sandwiched in between. Carefully drawing over the tracing paper,the whole  image is transferred to panel.
       Then i take perminate black ink and paint carefully over the carbon and then removing the carbon. The result is a thin lined drawing and is now ready for the tempera.
       Tempera is the medium of the old masters and is mixed with egg and pigments which i will explain later. At present i am using it in a tube! Handy! The tempera is applied with a very small brush in a cross hatching technique, this took days as its quite a large panel. The tempera is left to dry.
     The next stage was to apply a thin glaze of cadmium yellow (medium) oil paint mixed with (i use) a medium called "Liquin".
    When this is dry i apply the next and final stage of tempera,  which i am almost finished , until the blue glaze will be applied.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Lady of Mahon Falls"
Oil on Canvas
By Jackie Edwards
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to my Blog.

                  This is my 1st post.I"d like to tell you about a project of mine that is getting underway!
It came to mind that i wanted to paint some figurative pieces that were dynamic and had some impact, i want originality and what can be a better subject (to me) than tattooed people!
              So i first started by placing an add on the Midleton Tattoo convention page on  Facebook . It read something like;
                                     WANTED TATTOOED PEOPLE 
Artist looking for; 
Beautifull bods,Bald heads and Scarey heads!
To paint for an exhibition.
Would you like to be immortatized on canvas?
Please contact me.

             I received a great response and now have at least forteen tattooed people to model for my project. The approach to the paintings i"m taking is to draw my intended images, a very rough idea of poses and what i"m looking for and then have a professional photoshoot, and go from there.
            I have been so lucky so far with some amazing looking people to model.The first shoot will take place next week in kilkenny, with a very unique looking male who oozes character, cant wait AND he has a female to model along on some poses.
            All my drawings are prepared and the models and photographer have some great idea"s of their own.
            I still cant beleive it EVERYONE has voluteered so it really has a good start.
My plan? Hopefully a very large exhibition somewhere with around twenty paintings.What better than people who carry their art on their skin? a painting in a painting!
       I"m not just looking to portray beautiful young things but REAL people, old and young, people with something to say through their body art.
All in all i think its a unique project and, i hope, entirely my own!