"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
For inquries; www.jackieedwardsart.com

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Return to Blog!

At last I"m back!
Got more than a fright when I have been unable to access my blog for some reason, not due to forgetting my password so I had to change it twice AND go through a google form to gain access so you can imagine how happy I am to be back.
Have any of my followers lost a blog?
It must be crushing, all the work.

So what have I been up to lately?
On the easil a new painting for my tattooed project. I"m very exited about this one from the very early stages of composition.
I am sure that most artists agree that if the composition works from the start, the painting is successful.
Hope I dont eat my words on this but it is looking good. Oil on a 105x80 cm panel.
Light and shade roughly formed and a female figure in a very beautiful setting.
Life is good!

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