"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Present and Future.

It is six months into the year and its all systems go.
My mind is an abundance of paintings! I am painting really for two shows.
I have nearly all the research,  references, sketches, planning and most of all people who have modelled, all wrapped up for my Tattooed Project. So now I am, and have been working on the paintings.
I admit I was worried as I  found that there is a fine line in how NOT to portray tattooed people and how I want the paintings to look!
These paintings are not "pop art" or "goth" or any of those tags just because they include people with tattoos,, but my own self and work is starting to shine through already, and of course, the sitters speak for themselves.
I want "dynamic" but also I have figures in beautiful settings and some to look like old masters, but with a modern twist.
I think its working as my paintings are unfolding and the idea"s I have are completely my own.

The R.D.S  is calling, and this year my stand will be number K1. Right at the front which I am grateful for.
This will be my third year showcasing my work at this prestigious event and the run-up is always exiting!
With paintings and some work in charcoal already well underway.
The Art fair to me is a must - I get a break- and talk to lots of people about my work and hopefully stand proud in front of it.
 The  R.D.S , Dublin will be held this November and I will be showcasing all the paintings on line during the show with details nearer the event.

In the MEANTIME, I am involved with "The Blueprint Presents" a must for this years
Eigse 2011 Carlow Arts Festival. Now in its forth year and 18 artists exhibiting.
So please drop in to view the fabulous paintings and sculpture on show.
I would love to meet you and I will be there this Sunday 19th of June- the last day!


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