"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm

"Girl with the Skull Tattoo" 47 x 40 cm
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Portrait with Passion

                I don't think I"ve ever painted a portrait with such passion! But not a passion of the heart, but more of a "hurt" or curiosity or annoyance from a recent interaction with the model.
           Its all coming out as I paint this portrait. The models own self absorbency, dare I say greed-NO-more ego!
          Give me ATTITUDE with my Tattooed Project not EGO!
The green background and icy, almost blood red stare of the subject is really speaking volumes to me.
          This portrait is full of raw emotion, THAT'S the passion!
The very first of my paintings for my Tattooed Project and I sure am getting what I hoped for. Not only do we see the art carried on skin, but also the ESSENCE of the subject-
                 What Lies Beneath! Always a great title(of a film) and so apt for this piece.
Is this all too daring of me to speak of?
Especially at such a young stage in my project.
Am I taking a risk by writing this post?
I hope not.
When an artist paints with feeling-that's all I"m talking about. An artist must express themselves and my expression is certainly projected in this piece!
It will all sort itself out. This painting will be completed this week and I"d love to show you but I cant just yet-
 So therefore, I"ll SHOUT ABOUT IT!!

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